White Day (2017) Walk-through

This walk-through is a work in progress currently. Most the walk-through is based on the Sung-a and Ji-Hyeon routes, however it works mostly on So-Young’s routes for the first two areas.

I haven’t gone into detail on the dialogue options yet, hopefully with get to that soon.

This walk-through also assumes you are playing on normal or above difficulty. Many ghosts won’t appear on the lower difficulties or have an extremely low spawn rate.

Items highlighted in green are ghost story items and are entirely optional to pick up. If you have no interest in completing the collection then feel free to ignore them. Items highlighted in pink are ghost spawning items and ghost locations. Most are optional and avoidable but a few are story related.



Explore the main area, you cannot leave here until you have gathered most of the items from the bathrooms, sinks and classroom near you. It’s not hard to find them.

If you are playing on normal or above and want to experience all the ghosts in the game, collect the cigarettes from the furthest cubicle frame in the boy’s toilets. Get the paper crane from the drawer at the bottom of the grandfather clock.

Beside the water cooler is a ghost story.

While exploring this section of the school, look out for scribbles on the wall. Examining them may affect which ending you get.

Once you have collected all the items, head towards the double doors towards the Home Economics room and it will unlock.

Follow Sung-a and get through the dialogue options.

You can find the ladder and tools down the corridor just past the workshop.

If you want to collect all the ghost stories, take note of the box opposite the workshop door. You cannot open it now but it contains a ghost story.

Bring the ladder to Sung-a and follow the linear path to the workshop. To turn off the alarm, open the grey box on the wall directly opposite the vent you entered from. To solve the puzzle, turn the left wires twice, the middle once and the right once.

Pick up the keys and the token.

Work your way through the cut scene and dialogue options until you can move again.

NOW YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER SAVING. Things past this point are a threat to you. Use your saves sparingly.

If you want to encounter your first ghost, go into the boy’s toilets and make sure the lights are off. Walk into the last cubicle door to trigger the hiding animation. Wait for at least ten seconds for her to appear.

Now you can go through the double doors to the main 1st floor corridor.

Meet the janitor, literally the worst thing in the game. He is more likely to find you if you run and turn on the lights. Watch out for him through windows and for the tells of his light down hallways. You may think you are keeping good track of him but he can warp to any location he wants, generally the floor you are on. If he spots you, closing doors behind you and taking the stairs slows him down. Once you have gotten out of his eyeline and he a decent distance behind you, hide behind objects in dark rooms and wait for him to go off alert.


After the cut scene and dialogue, you should turn on the lights just to get the lighter from the desk. Turn them off and try to never turn them on in the game while the janitor is a threat. The more dark rooms you have available the better and easier it is to lose him. Also try to leave the doors open to rooms you have already explored, most classrooms have two entrances and allows you to lead him through one door, shut it and evade him through the other. Basically just keep your options available to run away.

Pick up the 5g weight under the desk by the door and collect the ghost story from the student records room.

From this point on you are in danger of encountering the hair ghost. She follows you fairly slowly and if you manages to jump scare you the janitor will immediately know where you are.

Now head to the stairs and use the token you found to unlock the door. Go up the stairs as physically far as you can and collect the love letter on the ground.

Collect the bloody notebook and the tranquilizer from the recording room. Collect the ghost story from the photocopier in the broadcasting room.

Go along the corridor to the main area. Watch out for hand prints on the windows down this hallway and interact with them for a ghost encounter. Once you reach the main area, collect the note from beside the locked double doors.

You are going to need to head back down to where you found the ladder and collect the tools from the toolbox on the floor. Examine them to find the code, it changes every playthrough.

Head to the main office and use the combination on the lockbox. Collect the keys for upstairs and the small red key.

Go to the 2nd floor double doors and go through, walk straight on to trigger a cut scene. Walk past to the next set of double doors and walk down the hallway. Once you reach the end, check the door and backtrack all the way to the classroom corridor.

Watch the cut scene.

Welcome to the first boss. Timed missions vary in time depending on difficulty, they also disable the janitor which is a godsend.

Grab the key from the floor and head back to the corridor you saw the hanged girl in. Go into the hiking club and pick up the repellent spray. Go two doors down to the gym storage room. There will be a note hinting towards the combination. Go to the closet and match the years to the amount of medals. It should always be a combination of the numbers 2 4 5 and 9. Also collect the gym teachers hat in the medal cabinet and the typewriter key on the floor opposite.

Open the safe and get the corrosive inside.

Now you need to kill all the weird looking plants around the school.

The plants on the second floor are in the alcove by the toilets, next to the double doors in the same room and opposite the broadcasting room. On the first floor the plants are opposite the uniforms and next to the tool box.

Now you can fight the boss you passed on the way to the last plant in room 2-2.

If you have spare time you can collect ghost items now to avoid having to dodge the janitor when he respawns after the boss. You can collect maths pieces from the schedules in rooms 2-1, 2-5 and 2-12. The 1g weight is in a locker in 2-4 The report card is inside a cabinet in 2-5. If you examine the school lockers in the dark there is a chance you will encounter a ghost inside.

Okay so now to fight the boss. Approach him and prepare for basic QTEs.

Head to room 2-8 and get the seal, ghost story and chalk.

You will encounter a cut scene here with a choice that majorly effects your ending. This walk-through is based on taking the Sung-a route, but it is not majorly different if you chose to investigate the sound. It’s up to you.

Before you use the seal to escape you can potentially spawn more ghosts.

Walking into any 2nd floor classroom in the dark has the potential to spawn the maths ghost. Examining the attendance book in 2-11 has the chance to spawn the attendance ghost.

Now you may use the seal on the door by the 1st floor stairway and progress to the next area.



The janitor is back in this area, just a quick warning so tread carefully straight off the bat because he has supersonic hearing and sight on any difficulty above easy.

First things first, go to the night duty room and collect the lost and found key.

Go into the nurse’s office to collect the paper crane and for a potential ghost spawn. She will be lying on the floor like she is asleep, you will need to find her in two other locations and interact with her in each one to unlock her in the collection. Search the blue jacket on the chair to collect the student department key. Head to the main area. Go into the girl’s bathroom, to the 4th cubicle and search the trash can for a paper crane.

Head to the second floor and collect the painting piece from the wall before heading to the student department office. Collect the left lense from this room and use your lighter near the blackboard to reveal the next puzzle.

White Day:a labyrinth named school_20170915103559

Head to the principal’s office and use the code you got from the puzzle to open the door. Examine his desk and rearrange the pattern on the left to mirror the one on the right. Collect the video and the wooden handle, and immediately use the video on the green screen at the side.

Learn the location of the faculty office 2 key from the footage.


However, if you do examine the footage again you have a potential to encounter Ji-Min and open different routes. I have not completed these routes yet so they will not be covered in the walk-through yet.

Go to faculty office 1 and collect the faculty office 2 key from where you saw the janitor put it in the footage. If you backtrack here later and arrange the portraits to match the ones in the chairman’s office, then you can get a ghost story here. While you are here at the current moment, collect the pin on the long table.

Go to faculty office 2 and collect the tape from the table and the pin from the chalkboard near the lounge door. Collect the science lab key and the typewriter key from the faculty lounge.


Head up to the 3rd floor. Once there collect the pin from the girl’s bathroom. To spawn a ghost, look in the second mirror. She will attack you the second you try to leave. In the boy’s bathroom, you will find the 30g weight.

Go to the science lab and then into the science lab storage and collect the 10g weight.

Go to the music room. Before you enter, examine the cracked floor in front of the music room to find a ghost story. Play the piano to match the notes that the ghost is playing and you will get the piano bench key. Use it immediately to collect the painting piece that had the code on the back for the music storage lock.

Use the code on music storage and go inside to find the last picture piece.

At the end of the hallway on this floor is a ghost story.

Head back to the 2nd floor to the Councillor’s office and put the picture together on the wall.

Now go to lost and found to collect the vase from the picture and a felt tip pen. Examine the vase to collect the stereo remote.

Go back to music storage and use the stereo remote on the stereo. Collect the CD that falls out and examine it to get the art room key.

Go up to the 4th floor. Before going to the art room to spawn the boss, go into the biology lab. Collect the preserved spider from the store room and then go back into the lab. You can spawn a ghost by turning on the Bunsen burner while in the dark. Avoid him until he is done chasing you.

Now you can go to the art room. Loot the room for the felt tip and a document before attempting to open the storage room.

Go back to lost and found and collect the doll that fell off the shelf. Bring it back to the art room and put it in the kiln. Collect the now burning hot doll (how are you even touching that and how was it done so fast?) and take it to the science lab and run it under the single working tap.

Bring the finished doll to the baby boss in the art room and execute the QTE to survive.

Enter the store room and collect the doll and the seal.

You can back track here to use the wooden handle in the first area, but I advise waiting until nearer the end of the game before doing this. You may as well do all the backtracking in one sweep to save time and effort.

Use the seal on the 2nd floor door in the main area to progress to the new building.

You will encounter a cut scene here, which also presents a choice affecting your ending. This walk through assumes you chose Sung-a, but it does not make much difference if you chose to follow So-Young.



Immediately turn around and try to backtrack to the main building 2. Wait until her song is over and you will have unlocked a ghost story. Go back into the new building.

If you chose the So-Young route, you should get a cut scene straight away. If you chose Sung-a, go down to the 1st floor for a cut scene.

This walkthrough assumes you chose Sung-a but the choice is up to you, it doesn’t affect much of the walkthrough.

Go into the history room and check the model display to find the yellow key card. If you look at the floor under the picture frame, then you can get a ghost story. Under the stairs near the history room you can find a typewriter key. Go into the main hall and be careful of the janitor patrolling here, he doesn’t go into the side corridors on his normal route but will follow you there if he sees you.

Go to the dance studio and play the CD. To defeat the dopple-ganger you must place your speakers to mirror his. Once you’ve beaten him, collect the CD again, the red key card and the 50g weight from his side of the room.

Go up to the 4th floor in this hall. In the reading room, you can find a key in one of the drawers and a pin on the bookshelf.  Interact with the open book on the table to encounter a ghost. Go into the resource centre and collect the last pin. Now you can use the pins you have collected to complete the globe puzzle and get a ghost story.

Go towards the library and walk past it to the fuse box on the wall. Turn off the power to the lights, remove the fuse and place it into the power socket then turn the power back on. Interact with the air con in the library to get the library rules. Use the library rules to unlock the door to library 2.

After the cut scene, collect the ying-yang. Remember to swap the fuse back into the lights.

Go all the way up the stairs in this hall to find a ghost story.

On the way back down, collect the maths piece from room 3-11.

Your next stop is the music appreciation room to fight the next mini boss. Burn her before she finishes saying here I come or she will do damage to you.

Once she is defeated collect the band from the cassette player and the right lense by the box. You can’t open the box until you have the Morse code chart from backtracking.

Head to the language lab and play the cassette in the now fixed cassette player and collect the blue key card from the cut scene. Go across the hall to the earth science lab and use the preserved spider and the weights to get a ghost story then examine the clock on the wall. Use it as a base time. You will need to set the other clocks in the building to the corresponding time zones for the places shown in the pictures beside them.

Go to the computer lab first and set the clock to +8 hours, while you are there you can use the CD on the working computer to read of the game lore. Next go to the art studio and set the clock to +3 hours. While you are on this floor, you can collect the maths piece and paper crane from room 3-4. Beware that you may encounter the spider ghost if you don’t turn the lights on in these rooms.

The final room to set a clock in is the occult club, with needs to be set at -3 hours. This will allow you to get the spirit bell and the L rods. Now you have the spirit bell, you can backtrack to the main building without the fox ghost blocking your way.

Now you are going to have to dodge the janitor to the extreme. You must turn on the lights in the rooms 1, 5, 8, 10 and 12 in that order. If the janitor sees you and loses you in one of these rooms he will turn off the lights and you must start turning them on again in sequence from scratch. Once you have managed to turn them all on you need to head back down to the 1st floor and hit the main switch in the electrics room. You can also find a ghost story in the electrics room. Be warned that if you chose to cross the middle bridge on the 3rd floor during this sequence you risk spawning the ankle ghost.

Go into the school store and put 5 lunch boxes on the empty tray to encounter a ghost.

Pick up the keys from the hall centre floor and go to the stairway on the hallway.

On the way stop off at the chairman’s office and make note of the portrait positions.

Collect the ghost story from the 3rd floor and then continue to the roof.

Now you must make it across the swimming pool. If she swims underneath you she will attack so attempt to dodge her as best you can. You can only move forward while the L rods are straight.

Once you reach the other side, drain the pool and collect the blue key from the pool edge and the seal from the dead ghost.

Go back into the hall via the pool door and go to the fuse box again. Turn off the light power, swap the fuse to the alarm and then turn the switch back on.

Attempt to leave the area by using the seal to spawn the next boss. Run away from her towards the fuse box and complete the QTE’s to defeat her.




If you have no interest, continue to the auditorium.



Go back to the second building, to faculty office 2. Use all the typewriter keys on the typewriter desk to collect the dying message document. Use the password from dying message to open the box on the student department office wall. This will get you the small master key. You can immediately use this key to open the desk drawer and collect a ghost story.

Go to faculty office 1 and arrange the portraits to match the ones you saw in the chairman’s office to get a ghost story.

Go back to main building 1. You can use all the maths pieces in room 2-7 to collect a ghost story from the schedule.

Use the wooden handle on the equipment for cleaning the chalk boards to collect a ghost story.

Go to the workshop and combine the red and blue keys. Take this to the box of counselling in front of room 2-5 and collect the dark key.

Now combine the dark and yellow key to open the box of opinion in front of the workshop and collect a ghost story.

Combine the yellow and red keys to open the box of counselling in front of 2-2 and get the Morse code chart.

Finally, for combining, combine the blue and dark key to open the box of opinion in front of gym storage and collect the paper crane.

Go back to building 2 and head to the music storage room and use the Morse code chart to decipher the password from the metronome. You can then use this in the music appreciation room to unlock the box on the wall and get the ghost story.

Go to the nurse’s office and use the now functional eye testing glasses to find out the password to the chairman’s safe.

Go back to the new building.

Use all the paper cranes in the history room to get a ghost story.

Use the Morse code password in the music appreciation room to get another ghost story.

Finally use the chairman’s safe passcode on his safe to get the last ghost story.

That should be everything.

Let’s move on.



Go to the projection room and collect the felt tip and turn on the lights.

Flip the switch in the auditorium control room to trigger the boss.

Collect the fire extinguisher from the back of the hall.

Use it to get to the girl’s locker room, while completing QTE’s and collecting the health kit in the showers.

Now you need to collect the fire extinguisher from the boy’s locker, again completing QTE’s and collecting soy milk.

Head to the back of the hall on the left, use the fire extinguisher on the fire in that room, while dodging the boss. Once you have put the fire out you can collect the valve from the back of the room.

Take the valve to the green room on the girl’s side of the auditorium and use it on the pipe to finish the boss.


From this point on it fully depends on what choices you made that affect what happens after this. For half the routes, the game ends here.

If you chose to chase after So-Young this whole time though you are going to end up in the labyrinth.



To beat the labyrinth you have to run around and collect the seals back up in the order that you collected and used them in the main game. Try and gauge your direction and you should be fine.



Its very simple to escape here, run towards the light and don’t fall through the holes in the floor. You can chose to take So-Young with you or leave her behind. The choice is yours but it effects the endings.

That’s all of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Note: I have not touched the routes of Ji-Min yet but I will be sure to add them to this walk-through when I get the chance.


The Ghost In The Steam

He haunts me through my screen

His smile staring back at me

The smile I never saw

The end of

Like he never



Playing games with us,

Talking to us,

Being around.

Almost as if

We could reload

The last save together

And he’d be there.

Memory in the code.

Pain in my chest

Drains my bar

No pick-up can revive me

As the co-op slot

Remains empty

‘Invite a friend to join you’

My head hits my desk


That I could.

A Very Brexit Poem

It’s almost funny

The distance through the TV screen

It seems unreal

Larger than life

We are the audience for a political pantomime

Laughing at skits that set the curtains on fire

Hoping it’s all part of the show as the flames

Spread to the theatre.

Because surely

‘They could never actually DO that’



Not knowing what to say

Watching as they

Trade my hopes for holiday homes.

Health and education




Paving the way for a select few to scorn

Those left too dumb and sick to fight.


Not being able to talk

Every debate dissolves into

School yard squabbles

Always the same accusation

The misguided idea

That because

I care about people

Somehow means

I don’t care about my country.

Smite God Concept – Baldr


Norse God of Light and Purity

Of all the threats feared by the Norse Gods, the prophecy of Ragnarok reigned king.  Baldr, the purest of the Gods dreamed his death would set the events of Ragnarok in motion and his mother made all living things in the land, except the youngest mistletoe, swear to never harm Baldr. All things accepted the vow willingly and everything in the land loved him, or so it seemed. Loki, crafted a spear out of mistletoe and tricked Baldr’s brother into killing him.

Fearful of the coming of Ragnarok, the Gods begged the guardians of the underworld to release Baldr and allow him to live again. They agreed to free him if all beings, mortal and Gods would weep for his passing. Many did weep sad tears for him. Loki, however, would not.

Now as the Gods battle, many weep in fear of a fate worse than Ragnarok and Baldr has been granted leave of the underworld. It can only be hoped that it is too late for him to bring peace back to this ruined land.


Baldr would be a guardian. I have no idea of appearance just yet.



Passive: Mourning Light

Whenever Baldr dies, all things weep in anguish for him, increasing his and allies protections. Max 5 death stacks.

Ability 1: Absorb Light

Baldr targets a single enemy god and absorbs the light around them. The enemy’s screen is dimmed for a duration of 3 seconds, meanwhile Baldr and allies close to him receive a speed and damage buff for the same duration.

Ability 2: Prophesise

Baldr prophesises the enemies movements and uses this to save his allies. Baldr targets an allied god and parries any damage they take back to the enemy god attacking them. Enemies take 50% of the original damage on a successful parry.

Ability 3: Mistletoe Spear

Baldr wields the spear that killed him throwing it in a straight line and damaging all enemies in its path. Enemies hit at max range are stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Do no harm

Baldr shines light all around him, purifying all allies within the radius and healing 25% of their health. Enemies caught within this ability are slowed.

Smite God Concept – Prometheus


The wrath of the Gods on Olympus are known to many and their vanities are rivalled by none. Thus brings about the tragedy of Prometheus, the punished titan.

After his triumphs over the titans Zeus overthrew his father, Kronos as king of the heavens. He ruled all but despised the men he ruled, seeing them as flawed remnants of his father’s creations. He took fire from the primitive people and left them to die. Prometheus, seeing the injustice of this, stole fire back from Olympus and returned it to the mortal surface. The gentle hearted titan also bestowed wisdom upon man, the wisdom of agriculture and shelter.

Humanity was saved but, for his crimes against the heavens, Prometheus was punished. Pandora was unleashed upon mankind, bringing with her the sorrows and woes of hardship and pain. Prometheus was forced to watch, helpless, before Zeus had him chained to a rock, forced to endure daily torture at the talons of his faithful Eagle.

Now war has broken out between immortals and threatens to spill into the mortal world he fought so hard to protect. Chains can no longer hold Prometheus so long as Gods threaten men.


Prometheus would be a warrior. He would be dressed in a torn Greek robe, displaying the scars over his liver and the chain bruises on his wrists and ankles. He would wield a lit torch as his weapon.



Passive: Protect the People

Prometheus’ first concern is for the mortals under his care. Minions in the same lane as Prometheus gain bonus damage, health and attack speed.

Ability 1: Boulder Punishment

Prometheus grabs hold of the chains that once bound him and rolls along with the boulder. Any enemies hit by him suffer healing reduction but Prometheus is damaged for every tick he rolls on the boulder.

Ability 2: Steal Fire

Prometheus targets a single god, disabling and cancelling the last ability used and extending the cool down of it by an extra 20 seconds (at max rank)

Ability 3: Torch Spin

Prometheus spins his torch around, damaging enemies in a circle around him. Enemies on the edge of his ability take burn damage for 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Pandora’s Box

Prometheus gives a single god Pandora’s box. Unable to resist the temptation they open it, stunning them for one second and releasing the suffering of mankind in a debuff aura around them. This aura lasts for 7 seconds.