Bringing Justice to Injustice: Wonder Woman at Insomnia 60!

As a regular at Multiplay’s popular LAN festival I usually find it hard to settle on a definitive highlight to talk about. With all the spectacular games being showcased from AAA to indie titles, retro gaming sections in which to reminisce and challenge friends, and clans galore filling up the BYOC hall, Insomnia has something for everyone and more than enough going on to entertain over the multi day event.

This season for me, however, the highlight was a clear choice. The Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Showdown.

For Insomnia 60 I was given the incredible opportunity by WB to represent my fighting game ladies during their stage show, in which I challenged Greek legend EG Nivek alongside my fellow UK players ED UndeadJim and PND OmegaK.

The show began with trailers for the new Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, both of which I believe go perfectly hand in hand with Injustice 2. Unlike Mortal Kombat, the DC universe is more widely known and accessible. Many women idolise Wonder Woman regardless of their age group in a similar fashion in which they adore other strong comic book women. This goes for men as well, but Wonder Woman was the star of this show because, let’s face it, she is one of the coolest and most inspirational icons from the DC universe.

NetherRealm’s other successful game, Mortal Kombat X, was my first competitive game, so in terms of Injustice 2 I am a newcomer although I did casually play the first Injustice. I decided to go with my #1 guy, Aquaman, and was happy to find a lot of his moveset still familiar from the first aside from a squid sidekick to help me beat down my opponents. However, this is not universal for all the returning characters, as Nivek mentioned to me during games that Wonder Woman’s moves had changed considerably. This alone speaks highly for the competitive life of Injustice in the future, at least, in my opinion. Newcomers like me find it considerably easier to pick up returning characters from the first game, as it will be easier to pick up the basics (Trident Rush for life)! The roster, almost fully confirmed now, will contain many new characters too, adding a high amount of variety to the franchise, as well as a range of different playstyles for players to choose from.

I may have lost my set in the Wonder Woman Showdown but this is only the start of Injustice 2 and there is plenty of time for me to cover the long way I have to go.

I’m happy to have had this opportunity to play and that so many people turned up to cheer me on.

So, to finish off, all DC fans out there can look forward to playing their favourite hero in the roster, and we still have many DLC characters to look forward to for fan favourites to come forward. Personally, I’m hopeful for Huntress.

It’s a new game and a new scene can emerge. I hope to see many new players at future tournaments.