Top 5 Games From E3

E3 may be over, but I’m still not over E3 and I highly doubt I am the only one. In the time it has taken me to get this article out I have placed three game pre-orders and started on a cosplay for another. However the event left us overwhelmed with content to talk about, there was something for everyone. An article which would contain everything everyone wanted to know about E3 would take months to write, so instead I give you my top five personal favourite announcements from E3.

  1. Call of Cthulhu

One thing you may gain from this article is that I am a great fan of the horror genre in all forms of media. The H.P. Lovecraft mythos is loved by many, and game adaptations of his works have been attempted before. Whereas none of those games, such as Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth and Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, have been disappointments in the least, they are all trapped within the limitations of the time of their creation. The 2016 E3 Call of Cthulhu trailer hints at a traditional horror game in the mythos with all the innovations of gaming we have made in current gen consoles. Cyanide Studios have presented us with Edward Pierce, an investigator not unlike Jack Walters and a town called Dark Water. The few hints this trailer gives us implies that the story may follow the original Call of Cthulhu plot line, unlike the other games which followed The Shadow Over Innsmouth and their own original plots. Not much more can be taken from this, but still it incites excitement in every Lovecraft fan out there.

Call of Cthulhu

  1. Fe

Part of the EA originals initiative was Fe, an abstract game involving a cute animal protagonist and quirky art styles. This game reminded me of Shelter, where you play as mother animals seeking shelter for their children and leading them through hazards and predators. Fe, however, didn’t give much indication of game objective, yet their focus on stealth, combat and communication could hint that it’s a moral choice survival game.  Either way, the aesthetic of the game was truly breath-taking and I look forward to playing it once it is released.


  1. Resident Evil 7

The words everyone was hoping to hear were said out loud at last. Resident Evil 7 is returning the franchise to its survival horror roots. As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise that was first introduced with Resident Evil 4 and 5 this is incredible news. The trailer does not show any of the established franchise characters so far, so the game might be attempting the Biohazard plotline from a new angle, or perhaps even re-writing some of it. However, only time will tell. I won’t be happy with it though unless Leon gets at least one witty one liner off.

Resident Evil 7

  1. Recore

There are few things I love more in life than adorable canine companions and one of those is adorable robot canine companions. After hearing no follow up from the 2015 Recore trailer I was afraid that the game had been scrapped. The 2016 trailer not only lit up my day with the news that it was still happening, but also treated me to an amazing gameplay trailer revealing the Joule’s core bots and their functions. The trailer gave us an insight into a fluid game that mixed interesting combat with robot puzzle solving on the planet of New Eden. This is, no doubt, a game to check out for September.


  1. Death Stranding

It was hard to keep calm watching the trailer for this. Any fan, like me, of the Silent Hill franchise will understand the roller coaster of emotions that came with the announcement, cancellation and constant rumours regarding Silent Hills. While no one knows the full story why, the Silent Hill franchise is over, but it was clear after P.T. that Hideo Kojima still had plans for it. Death Stranding is the embodiment of those plans. It may not be Silent Hill, but Hideo Kojima has never failed us in the past and now has the interest of fans everywhere. It says a lot when a three minute trailer of a naked Norman Reedus is enough to get an entire fan base screaming over your game. This game was the breaking point to get me to buy a PS4, so it had to come the top of this list.


Obviously my views and interests will differ from anyone reading this right now, but I hope I have peaked your interest in at least one of the games which grabbed mine. Comments about your favourite announcements and moments are also welcome.

With steam summer sales fast approaching and so many good games announced at E3, it’s going to be a trying summer for all of our bank accounts. God speed my friends, be strong.


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