Top 5 MKX Season Finals Moments

Last night marked the finale of the season three MKX pro league and hopefully the beginning of NetherRealm’s next title, Injustice 2. The event was a scramble of upsets, come backs and surprises from almost all of the players.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 memorable moments from the MKX Pro League season 3 finals:

  1. BEN/HeeyGeorge giving the EU titan a run for his money.

Out of the woodwork came HeeyGeorge and took the pro league by storm. By the end of the night this guy was a definite crowd favourite and pleaser. Anyone who follows anything about Mortal Kombat X knows that it’s not often we get a Jacqui player compete, and even rarer to see a Jacqui player compete with results like HeeyGeorge. The lesser known Santiago representative was highly anticipated by the crowd from his reputation and his character, but stopped all viewers breathing during his intensely close set with AF0xyGrampa. Bringing it down to the last round, HeeyGeorge nearly caused the biggest upset of the tournament by threatening to send F0xy to loser first set. It’s safe to say that of all the MKX scene looks forward to seeing more of HeeyGeorge in the future.

  1. St9rm eliminated by his own hitbox.

Heartbreak for the EU struck as Austrian player, St9rm was forced to forfeit his last games due to a hitbox malfunction. Although many would say the situation was dire for St9rm, we have seen him come back from worse situations in the past. Either way, if you support St9rm or not, it’s never a fun way to see a player go, especially considering how hard everyone who made the finals worked to get there. All I can say is I look forward to seeing St9rm at more tournaments in future under more favorable circumstances.

  1. PND/Madzin Vs Sakron. The game of patience.

Due to most characters we often see in the pro league, games are often quick, explosive and over before viewers have a chance to figure out what happened. Without commentators there to walk us through the plays made, a fair few of us I’m sure would be lost. However in this set the audience was treated to an incredible showing of patience and zoning. Although these sets can be seen first off as slow or boring, the change of pace actually brought more hype to the set. Every move was carefully thought out and we got a chance to see each player catch out the other or make an amazing read in this intense standoff. The set had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, but then, most of Madzin’s sets do.

  1. When every trailer defined us.

We can’t talk about the season finals without mentioning the big gameplay reveal that Ed Boon presented for Injustice 2. Among the characters shown were Supergirl and others from the first trailer, as well as some new faces. These included Gorilla Grod, Atrocitus and Black Manta. Ed Boon also revealed that the roster of Injustice 2 would be larger than that of Injustice 1 and he would be opening up to fans at some point to pick characters to join that roster. The game play showed the audience some moves from the game, including cool looking combo enders such as Aquaman summoning tentacles from the floor, as well as cinematic moves that practically confirmed that super moves are definitely back. It would have been cool if the game could have been there for a demonstration from the players, but time constrictions and the games current completion state probably prevented that. We can hope for the future. The trailer had something to interest everyone.SHARK

  1. The Fox showdown.

No one will be surprised to hear that the finals came down to CR/SonicFox vs PXP/AF0xyGrampa. Although the season finals saw a truly extraordinary collection of players from their respective scenes, these two have consistently proven to be the best. As F0xy took his third game from SonicFox it looked hopeful for the EU scene that we might have a reset and SonicFox’s victory streak would be cut short. However SonicFox took the set, although F0xy did make him work for it. It was the set we all expected to see, but it didn’t make it any less hype and no one was left disappointed.

I’m sure these aren’t the last tournaments we will see these players at, and I’m hopeful in the future that players worldwide will have the chance to compete again. ESL said they had heard the voices from Australia, South America and South Africa, so we could see the fighting game crowd expanding in the future. I can only say this. The EU will up its game, and I’m sure one of our boys will take SonicFox down at some point.

Who knows, Evo is just around the corner.


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