Smite God Concept – Baldr


Norse God of Light and Purity

Of all the threats feared by the Norse Gods, the prophecy of Ragnarok reigned king.  Baldr, the purest of the Gods dreamed his death would set the events of Ragnarok in motion and his mother made all living things in the land, except the youngest mistletoe, swear to never harm Baldr. All things accepted the vow willingly and everything in the land loved him, or so it seemed. Loki, crafted a spear out of mistletoe and tricked Baldr’s brother into killing him.

Fearful of the coming of Ragnarok, the Gods begged the guardians of the underworld to release Baldr and allow him to live again. They agreed to free him if all beings, mortal and Gods would weep for his passing. Many did weep sad tears for him. Loki, however, would not.

Now as the Gods battle, many weep in fear of a fate worse than Ragnarok and Baldr has been granted leave of the underworld. It can only be hoped that it is too late for him to bring peace back to this ruined land.


Baldr would be a guardian. I have no idea of appearance just yet.



Passive: Mourning Light

Whenever Baldr dies, all things weep in anguish for him, increasing his and allies protections. Max 5 death stacks.

Ability 1: Absorb Light

Baldr targets a single enemy god and absorbs the light around them. The enemy’s screen is dimmed for a duration of 3 seconds, meanwhile Baldr and allies close to him receive a speed and damage buff for the same duration.

Ability 2: Prophesise

Baldr prophesises the enemies movements and uses this to save his allies. Baldr targets an allied god and parries any damage they take back to the enemy god attacking them. Enemies take 50% of the original damage on a successful parry.

Ability 3: Mistletoe Spear

Baldr wields the spear that killed him throwing it in a straight line and damaging all enemies in its path. Enemies hit at max range are stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Do no harm

Baldr shines light all around him, purifying all allies within the radius and healing 25% of their health. Enemies caught within this ability are slowed.


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