Smite God Concept – Prometheus


The wrath of the Gods on Olympus are known to many and their vanities are rivalled by none. Thus brings about the tragedy of Prometheus, the punished titan.

After his triumphs over the titans Zeus overthrew his father, Kronos as king of the heavens. He ruled all but despised the men he ruled, seeing them as flawed remnants of his father’s creations. He took fire from the primitive people and left them to die. Prometheus, seeing the injustice of this, stole fire back from Olympus and returned it to the mortal surface. The gentle hearted titan also bestowed wisdom upon man, the wisdom of agriculture and shelter.

Humanity was saved but, for his crimes against the heavens, Prometheus was punished. Pandora was unleashed upon mankind, bringing with her the sorrows and woes of hardship and pain. Prometheus was forced to watch, helpless, before Zeus had him chained to a rock, forced to endure daily torture at the talons of his faithful Eagle.

Now war has broken out between immortals and threatens to spill into the mortal world he fought so hard to protect. Chains can no longer hold Prometheus so long as Gods threaten men.


Prometheus would be a warrior. He would be dressed in a torn Greek robe, displaying the scars over his liver and the chain bruises on his wrists and ankles. He would wield a lit torch as his weapon.



Passive: Protect the People

Prometheus’ first concern is for the mortals under his care. Minions in the same lane as Prometheus gain bonus damage, health and attack speed.

Ability 1: Boulder Punishment

Prometheus grabs hold of the chains that once bound him and rolls along with the boulder. Any enemies hit by him suffer healing reduction but Prometheus is damaged for every tick he rolls on the boulder.

Ability 2: Steal Fire

Prometheus targets a single god, disabling and cancelling the last ability used and extending the cool down of it by an extra 20 seconds (at max rank)

Ability 3: Torch Spin

Prometheus spins his torch around, damaging enemies in a circle around him. Enemies on the edge of his ability take burn damage for 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Pandora’s Box

Prometheus gives a single god Pandora’s box. Unable to resist the temptation they open it, stunning them for one second and releasing the suffering of mankind in a debuff aura around them. This aura lasts for 7 seconds.


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